Folk Orchestra

EDT instrumentalists have studied collectively and individually under renowned musicians from around the world, including Nazir Azizi (Afghanistan), Gezim Halili (Albania), Dimitr Gueorguiev (Bulgaria), Nickolay Gueorguiev (Bulgaria), Minko Iliev (Bulgaria), Ivan Milev (Bulgaria), Nikola Nikolov (Bulgaria), Ivo Papazov (Bulgaria), Georgi Zeljaskov (Bulgaria), Goce Dimovski (Macedonia), Friedrich Lips (Russia), and Mark Levy (United States).

Each EDT production requires a unique combination of local ethnic musicians. We are fortunate to have many contacts in the Twin Cities area that we can draw upon to assemble the EDT Orchestra. Each production has an Orchestra Director who works with the Artistic Director to determine the music and instruments needed to produce the cultural snapshot on stage. The Orchestra Director manages rehearsals and musical transcriptions needed as well as guides the musicians through the various production requirements.