Contributor Comments

Our donors sometimes leave comments when making a donation. Here is a collection of them through the years.

By introducing us to dance from around the world, EDT brings us together by celebrating our differences. What a beautiful gift!

Singing with EDT was one of the most enjoyable things I did when I lived in Minneapolis in the early 1980s, and they’ve only gotten better since then.

EDT is a cultural jewel: educates, enlightens, & entertains; bringing the cultural traditions and rich heritage of distant countries to its audiences.

We’ve enjoyed seeing the EDT performances for many years and hope they will continue!

We are proud to be members of Ethnic Dance Theatre, thank you for keeping the traditions alive.

Don and all:  Love the work you do and your participation at the various Ukrainian events. Can’t image the Ethnic scene without EDT.

Dance is a vital and important part of culture. We’re very happy to see it cultivated and preserved. Greetings from Hamtramck, Michigan.

There is no substitute for the Ethnic Dance Theatre. This is a supreme art source.

Ethnicity makes us different; it also connects us culturally through the expression of dance and music. Thank you EDT for the joy of dance & music.

We started attending Ethnic Dance while living in North Dakota 30 years ago. We are now living in Minnesota and continue to enjoy Ethnic Dance events.

I am very proud of the unique work that Ethnic Dance Theatre does to bring us the culture from so many countries through dance, costumes, and music!