Thank You to Our Contributors

The Ethnic Dance Theatre is profoundly grateful for the generosity of donors like you who make it possible for us to continue in our mission of representing traditional cultures from around the world. With sincere gratitude we acknowledge the individual, family, corporate, and foundation donors who have made contributions to the company. The listing that follows is now reflecting a 2016 January – December calendar year listing to better accommodate our donors tax filings. The page will be updated regularly throughout the year.┬áIf your entry is in error in any way or if you feel you made a donation and it is not reflected here, please accept our apologies and contact so that your entry may be corrected to your satisfaction. Please note that any matching donations have been included in your total but will not be reflected in your donor recognition letter for tax purposes. We send out donor recognition letters after each donation unless you are a monthly sustaining donor. If you have not received your letter, or you have multiple donations that you would prefer to have on one summary recognition letter, please contact Eva Kish at and we will be happy to accommodate your request.

DONATIONS from individuals and Family Foundations for the 2016 calendar year:

Leilla Poullada
Anne von Bibra Wharton & Vince Wharton


Larry & Christine Bell Family Foundation
Loren & Jean Kramer-Johnson

Alex & Marina Kharam
Suzanne Nemeth
Tyrone & Winona Schenk
Sikora’s Polish Market & Deli
Tim & Carol Wahl

Natalie Bryn
Dan Garvin
Margaret Lonergan
Mark & Becky Lystig
Ronald Steven Ostrow
Mary Alice Schumacher
Nick Temali
Carole Wilson

Georgene Angrist
Barbara Bor
Margaret Delapp
Sally Fashant
Mary Garvin
Meredith Holt
Jerome and Judith Ingber
Debbie & Jim Ingebretsen
Robert & Bernadette Jambor
Bernadette Kopischke
Terri Kurkowski
Mark Lacourse & Claire Courtney
George Ehrenberg
Marjorie Larkin & Bryan Iwwamoto
Carol Moller
Holly Morris & Renee Holoien
Carole Nelson
Lynn Olson
Jon Omorean
Kari Pastir-Smith
Steven or Arlene Pine
Natasha Poppe
Margaret & Davis Shryer
Julie Weiler
Maija Zaeska (Amanda Jatniece)
Laureen Zunner & Sayan Mukherjee

Barb Bailey
Regina Bonsignore & Richard Garber
Dr. Ernest & Stephanie Brody
Oksana Bryn
Dr. Erwin Farkas
Patricia Heinen
Ilze Klavina
Alana LaBissoniere
Anne Lies
Cheryl & George Moore
Margaret Olson
Elga Pone
Ewa Prochniewicz
Rita Schultz
Erik Sessions
Susan Sheridan
Scott Slocum
Susan Snyder
Erin Walsh
Daniel Wovcha

Jeanette Andersen
Lee Beaty
Tessie Bourdamis
Priscilla Carlson
Linda Lease
Gerold Luss
Matt Miller
Laura Nelson
Natalie Nowytski
Evelyn Olson
Gunta & Arijs Pakalns
Marie Przynaski
Cheryl & Radoje Spasojevic
Dobrila Stancevic
Claire Thoen
Ceil Wirth & James Mork
Diana Yefanova
Penelope Zastrow